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Bamboo bongs, which are often handcrafted, have an artisanal touch. The designs and sizes can vary, from simple and small to ornate and large. Bamboo bongs, in addition to their visual appeal, are also known for durability and the ability to deliver smooth hits. Some people even claim bamboo smoke has a unique taste. Overall, bamboo bongs offer a natural and durable option for those who want to smoke. If you are looking for something with the most filtration and the biggest rips possible, then a bigger water pipe is the way you should go.

Bongs can also be used by those who want to get a high with less marijuana than other methods. On this page you will find a nice collection of mini water pipes, soft glass colored bongs with colorful patterns, and other styles. You can find different types of bongs in all shapes and sizes — every user wants something different to suit their own unique smoking style. PuffCo is an innovative 2013 company that combines technology, engineering, design, and other disciplines to create high quality bongs and dab-rigs, along with vaporizers. This brand is ideal if you’re looking to purchase a variety of smoking accessories or bongs specialized for smoking concentrates.

Use our bong cleaning kit to easily clean your bong. This way, you will be able to efficiently clean your bong with a reusable efficient cleaning gel. You get multiple uses out of this packet of gel, so you don’t have to worry about getting a bang for your buck.

Bongs are made of a variety different materials such as ceramic, silicone, and glass. Each material is unique and has its own pros and cons, which we explain below. When it comes to picking the right material type for your bong, we advise you to reflect on what matters most in terms of your lifestyle and needs. StayLit Design curates a collection that includes the best smoking gadgets.

The Rock Glass 12″ Spiral to Honeycomb side car bong is a work of art that also functions. Free USA Shipping is available on most products, and on orders above $42. We offer a flat rate of $4.20 per order for shipping within 2-7 days. We also have options for expedited shipping within 1-3 days or 1 day. Smoke is instantly cooled by the water to a temperature which does not irritate the throat.

It’s essential to understand how to use a bong properly to get the most from every hit, while maintaining the best herbal vaporizer under $100 (advice here) taste and flavor profile. Let’s examine the components of the water bong, and the way the smoke is carried through the water bong. Also, mini bongs are perfect if you are looking to take your smoke sessions up to the next step from joints and pipes. These cute bongs cool down your rips better than if you just used a dry pipe. A bong, or “water pipe”, is a device that filters smoke from burning plants, such as cannabis, through the water at its base. Bongs have been around for thousands of years, practically ever since humans invented smoking.