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The inhalation is smooth and easy because there are so few holes. Canna Style has a wide selection of cool and unique bongs. We are the only bong store that offers such a variety of cute bongs for you to smoke with style. We have many colorful and artistic designs to choose from, so you can find the perfect pink bong to match your mood.

Aesthetics are important, but so are quality and functionality. Here are five aspects that can influence the quality and durability of glass. When they release a carb, a rush if smoke will travel down the neck of their bong and into the mouth. When adding cannabis gear or equipment to our inventory, we prioritize quality. Each bong, grinder, collector and more is subjected to our strict quality standards before it is included in our collection. We understand that our wholesale customers have an obligation to provide their own customers with superior quality smoking devices that work well and make marijuana consumption enjoyable.

The Marijuana Review of January 1971 also used this term. Brothers with Glass is one of the few online headshops that displays the country origin for ALL glass we sell. It is important to our industry that imported products be sold as imported products.

This category includes extra thick glass bongs, which are heavier than standard bongs. A bong has a similar construction to a Hookah. It is also smaller and lighter. On bongs lacking such a hole the bowl and/or stem is removed to allow air into the hole where the stem is held. Limited Edition — Features artwork added, e.g. Double-worked 4″ top, a large bowl piece of 3.5″, large-sized mushrooms and a wide 5 inch single ball base. Limited Edition — Added artworks, e.g. Double-worked 4″ top, a large 3.5″, weed vapes toxic gas;, double-worked piece of bowl, large-sized millies and a wide, 6″ base. Limited Edition — Features additional artwork, e.g. Double-worked 4″ top, a large bowl piece of 3.5″, large millies and a 6″ wide base.

The bowl is the most important part of a glass bong. This will be where the ground flowers are packed and lit in order to begin the bong rip. Most of the times, bongs come accompanied with a compatible bowl. If not, it is more important to pick the right size joint bowl than the size or attractiveness. Bongs function by inhaling smoke from the mouthpiece and igniting the herbs within the bowl, similar to the way most handpipes work. As smoke is smoked, it passes into the main bong base where it percolates in water. This process provides filtering and, in essence, cleans smoke en route to the lungs. One huge advantage of using an ice bong is that you get a cooler, chilled smoke which is easier on the lungs and throat.

world. The cost of a bong can be justified by its usefulness. While it may seem odd to speak with your accountant about bud budgets, once you are sure that you have the funds available to treat yourself to multiple bongs you will be in the right place.