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An ash filter will act as an additional filtration system, catching any ash or weed particles that have found their way through your water pipes. You can also use it as a water filter to get the best results. You can choose how detailed you want your inhalation to be and how clean and smooth you want it to be. You may end up with stale, stale-smelling smoke if you add too many percolators.

Everybody loves a good beaker because you can consume a great deal of smoke when you hit it hard. The ice pinch can be found in the neck of a bong. It is designed to hold an ice piece. If there is a problem, you will see a pinch on the neck which will prevent the ice from falling down into the base. Smokers should also consider the ice-bongs as a factor in their decision.

Most bongs come with a metal bowl and drop pipe included for ease of use. They also tend to come in novelty designs in the form of characters, animals and even body parts! Sherlock pipes made of wooden material may look cool. But they are not all that useful.

You must be 21 or older to buy our products. Looking for a cool bong to be the talk of town? We’ve got the largest catalog of the most impressive, eye-catching, snoop dogg herbal vaporizer instructions –, and mind blowing bongs available on the internet. Smoking from a Bong is a relatively straightforward process.