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These devices do not diagnose, cure prevent or treat any disease. Inhalation of tobacco smoke is inadvisable and may potentially be harmful. By using and making a purchase on this site, you acknowledge our Terms of Use. The type of joint, downstem and water pipe bong that you have will determine the next thing you need to do. Male water pipes require the bowl to be placed onto the joint, whereas the bowl is placed into the joint for female water bongs. Depending on the gender of your bong, you’ll need to purchase accessories for the opposite gender.

Fat Buddha Glass is the best bong shop online. We offer a large selection of bongs in all price ranges. Some people smoke inside, others outside. It is important to remember that the “hot-box effect” and smoking inside will definitely intensify your smoke session, thanks to the recycled smoke that fills the space.

We have a wide variety of themed bongs like Jango Fett themed bongs. It’s not easy to break a bong made of glass, especially if it’s a large one. The health of your lungs tends to be affected less by water vapor because you mostly breathe it in. Smoking is unhealthy, regardless of the medium. This is pretty much a standard debate amongst smokers. Not everyone agrees.

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We’re an American-owned small business that offers high-quality, borosilicate-glass pieces at consumer-friendly rates. All of our bongs are the result of countless hours spent designing and testing countless styles, percolators and glycerin spirals. Our north star is an efficient percolation with strong cooling power. It is also easy to clean. When deciding on the bong that you want to buy, your personal preference is what will ultimately determine your decision. Finding the best bong can be a simple process if your know what is the best marijuana vaporizer to buy ( style of bong is right for you.