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This bong measures a staggering 21″ inches in height. It’s made from 5mm thick American Borosilicate, a high-quality material that will last longer. Trident Glass offers this beautiful Phat Mamma tube made of thick 50mm x 5-mm American Borosilicate Glass tubing. It stands at a height of approximately 16″ Inches tall and it has a 5″ Inch wide round base.

We’re here to answer anything you might want to know about how water pipes or work what makes a bong worth buying. It is a good idea to use a bilingual translator Ash catchers can improve the performance of a bong in a number of ways. First, the ash will not accumulate in your bongwater.

While the Scythians may not have been the only culture to take bongs apart and rip them, this is the first dated archaeological proof. Cannabis culture has traveled from Asia, Africa, and Europe via historical trade routes including the Silk Road. Water bongs made of wood, clay, or bamboo were the most popular at that time. Water pipes and bongs are popular among herb and concentrated consumers due to their water filtration system, unique designs and ease-of-use.

Glass bongs provide more water filtration compared to dab rigs or bubblers and definitely more than pipes or blunts. Silicone bongs leave a plastic aftertaste and use minimal percolators and water filtration. Freeze Pipe bongs, made of borosilicate glasses, are used to test elements in laboratories. It is still glass, yes, but it is durable and will endure pax 3 vaporizer for weed years.