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Bongs can be used to smoke tobacco, cannabis, or dry herb. Glass, plastic and ceramic are all possible materials. The material used to make the bong has a major impact on how it performs. A good bong is made from durable, hygienic materials that are easy-to-clean. Glass is popular because it allows for a smooth, clean experience when smoking. This type glass can withstand temperatures as high as 165 degrees without cracking, making it perfect for a wide range of smoking accessory. They are also easier to clean and provide cleaner and smoother smokes compared to, for example, silicone units.


You can be assured that you will get smooth filtered hits as you would if you were smoking in style with a percolator bong. Most cool bongs have a diffuser or percolator downstem, which produces a smoke that’s easier on the throat. Other cool bongs feature ice notches. You’ll find these in ice bongs, too. They provide a frosty experience when you add ice cubes to the bong. This bong is a real beauty, standing tall at 33cm with a flat base in a majestic shade of purple. This bong is made from 5mm thick borosilicate, which is a heavy-duty glass. It’s not only stable but also enhances the taste of your cannabis strains. The main attraction of the percolator is a purple jellyfish. It sits inside the chamber and weed flavor vape ( diffuses smoke, causing it to bubble and diffuse.

Glass bongs have been around for a very long time, and have become a favourite smoking tool amongst cannabis stoners for their filtration, ease of use, and discretion. As the manufacturer of all the cool and unique bongs you see here, we can keep our pricing better than most bong brands. Glass is a very old industry. Brick & Mortar, Distributors and 3rd Party Logistics, as well as other costly practices, still dominate the industry. There’s good reason that companies that specialize in E-commerce like Esurance SoFi and Ally Bank have taken a significant share of the market in highly competitive industries.

Our prices as the best online headshop in the world are without doubt the cheapest. Cheap doesn’t mean poor quality. All of Bongs are made using the highest quality materials. No matter how cheap your bong is, it will still do the same thing. So don’t let that price stop you. The bongs that create a whole smoke show are the ones with percs in them!