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First of all, the Spanish term “mota”, meaning “speck” of dust, is also used to refer to weed. Here it’s also an acronym that hints at the brand’s bigger purpose. She said “It actually stands as Minorities for opportunity, transparency and accountability.”

We offer everything that you need to create the perfect session. Everything from ash catchers to rolling papers, dab tools to cleaning agents. We’ve got everything you need for your perfect cannabis session. Typically, a weed rig is used for flowers, herbal steam ( while a dab rig is used for concentrates or oils. They both have water in them and provide you with diffusion for your rips.

This cools it down by separating out the smoke and mixing it with the water. The result is an airy tube with lots of bubbles. The name double chamber implies that it has two additional percolators for cooling down the smoke. These bongs hold water in two places to effectively cool down the smoke before traveling to your mouth. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the terms glass bongs, water bongs, and dry pipes.

If you have to put your herb bowl or any other accessory in your bong joint, you’ve got a female joint. If you must slide your bowl, accessory or downstem onto the bong joint you have a female bong. If you own a bong with a female joint, it is important that you purchase male accessories to insert into the bong’s female downstem or female joint. It wasn’t until I watched glass artisan Hector Gonzales transform molten sand glass into a sturdy bong beaker with his breath and considerable skills that I realized how wrong I was. I’m always curious about the origins of a waterpipe.

We offer a wide range of smoking accessories, which are shipped quickly and discreetly. I was at Hobo up the road and went in search of a spot to grab a few cones. The man at the counter was very friendly and helpful.