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That last one is important because you can interchange bong bowls for different purposes. You can also purchase glass bong-bowl screens if your hole in the bowl is too big and you don’t want herbs to get sucked up. Trident Glass hand blows these awesome kamper booze in Oregon. These kampers feature thick American Boro, making them durable and wax vape pen review ideal for mobile use.

Generally speaking, your bong should have half an inch of its downstem submerged in the water. This will allow it to filter the filtered smoke. There’s a bong that will fit every situation. We offer a wide variety of variations so you can have fun and keep it interesting. You may want to get a bong equipped with an ice pitch that will cool you and hold ice. You can use a recycling device to filter the water and smoke while you do so.

Its top is filled with drawings and freehand designs, as well as a dazzling array of fuming. HVY Glass used old-school technique to create this masterpiece bong with a fumed base in a variety of colors and a flower pattern. Bottom. HVY’s embedded stamp of authenticaton sits on lower neck of the bong. Included are 3 green marbles on a thick matching slide and a maria-style handle. It also has a classic 1-notch Ice Catcher for the option of filling it with ice for a cooler, smoother inhalation.

Freeze Pipe’s bongs are the best on the market. We feel this because there are no middlemen involved, we have a strong background in operations and customer empathy. Our customers have rated us as their favorite bong manufacturer with a 4.4 star rating on over 1100 reviews. You might have seen the terms ‘bong’ and ‘water pipe,’ used interchangeably online. Is there a difference?

Also included are thick hand blown 14mm matching male bowl pieces. A dirty perc, dirty walls or dirty water can detract from your experience and value of the glass. Taking proper care of your tubes will help you continue to enjoy smoking for many years. In this post we will discuss some of the best methods to clean your glass billiard.

HVY Glass is a company that has consistently created unique art. This HVY bubble-beaker bong is a great example of originality and style. Glass bongs provide a unique experience no matter what bowl you fill it with. The Bern Gallery has a large selection of glass water bongs available online and in-store.