Buy Glass Bongs Or Acrylic Bongs Mini Bongs Jointer Pipes

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Bongs come in three main materials – glass, silicone and acrylic (Plastic). All bongs are made from the same material and function in the exact same way. The only thing you need to consider is the type of bongs that you smoke. We prefer glass bongs, because they can be cleaned easily and are a tried and tested classic. Silicone bongs work well if you smoke on the move and don’t worry about breaking a traditional glass bong. Plastic bongs will usually be the choice of people on a limited budget who just want to buy a bong.

After use, always clean the bong, especially if it is going to be shared. Tar and toxins can build up in the chamber causing an unpleasant odor and a harsh experience. When they clean it, they will ensure their next smoking experience will be freshand smooth. Learn how you can use a glass snuff bong in the correct way with our smooth-smoking tutorial. Some bongs are solid, but many others have moving parts, such as the joint, bowl, and downstem. Before cleaning the bong, remove all pieces and put them aside for a separate cleaning.

The Faberge Egg Klein is one of the most beautiful water pipes you will ever see. It’s described as a jeweled egg that was created for royalty in Russia in the 1800s. The dazzling percolators are available in a range of vibrant colors. Looking to treat yourself with a unique water bong for sale, or maybe a kick-ass gift for someone else? Here are the top three coolest and weirdest water pipes.

Check out the crystal-detailed vape pens for cannabis buy ( pen if you want to smoke more conveniently! Crystal-encrusted smoke accessory will add a luxurious touch to every smoke break. And at StayLit Design, luxury comes at an always-affordable price. Enhance your next smoke sesh with this enchanted mushroom bong.

Pair it with our crystal-covered custom herb mills for a luxurious experience. We also offer custom vinyl wrappings for your favorite vapor pens. Discover our best sellers, such as the glittering bling design, the glow-inthe-dark option, and many other hand-wrapped designs. This adorable honey bee bong comes with a matching beeflower bowl, honeycomb dabber, and beecarb cap.