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It’s important to keep the bong clean, and it’s much easier than most people think! This step-bystep guide will help you clean your bong. While a drop from a high height will most popular dry herb vaporizer ( certainly break them, thick glass bongs can take a beating. This base is in the shape and size of a jar, hence the name. These are perfect starter smokers that are looking for a more extravagant way to smoke compared to a glass pipe or bubbler.

Smoke that you inhale is cleaner, cooler and more comfortable. There are many good reasons to use water pipes when you smoke marijuana or other herbs. This mini silicone bong has the perfect shape for easy gripping with one hand. The glass bowl has a deep bowl, so you can fill it with as much…

With bong technology advancing so rapidly, smokers are sure to enjoy healthier and smoother smoking experiences for years to come. HVY Glass produces high-quality bongs as well as dab rigs, bubblers and dab rigs made of German Schott and American borosilicate glasses. Their signature style, the old-school method of coil pots, is their most recognized style. Color-raked designs are one of our favorites. HVY Glass’s affordable prices are hard to beat, especially when you consider the scientific quality and artistic design of their waterpipes.

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