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The company sells its assortment of straight tubes and beaker bongs primarily online (prices range from $85 for a mini beaker bong to $230 for an 18-inch-tall version with red heart accents). It works currently with a Latino glass artist network consisting of four independent local artisans, Gonzales being one of them. When shopping for a bowl, joint sizes are not important. Bongs are usually 14mm in size, but can be smaller or larger. There are also male joints (for bongs that you insert the bowl into) and female joints.

If you’re looking for a smooth, enjoyable experience with lots of little features you won’t need to look any further than our fantastic line of scientific bongs. We also offer an extensive selection of replacement and upgraded bowls. There are many different styles and shapes to create an airtight sealing regardless of your face or mouth shape.

Glass bongs are the most popular, as they are easy to clean and provide a smooth, clean smoke., an online retail store, is passionate about providing the highest-quality bongs & smoking accessories to its customers. The 3DArt Bongs feature characters from Rick and weed seeds flowering,, Morty as well as Simpsons, Hello Kitty and other popular shows. Accessories include rolling papers, grinders, pipes and vapazoiers.

Check our support page here to find out everything you need to know about returning your order. Protect your order against loss, damage and theft.Premium package protection is our in house insurance product designed for our deliveries to be safe even in the toughest situations. So I gave you these lyrics to help illustrate how it feels to take a nice, big rip on a bong. And some of the passion that stoners have towards bongs. Now, let’s get down to the science and talk about the benefits of smoking from a bong.

This makes smoking more sanitary for everyone. The most popular bong joint size is 14mm. All dab rigs and small medium-bongs use 14mm joints.

While a water hose is perfectly usable when it is dirty, at some point it is considered in less-than-ideal condition. The built up tar, resin, and possibly dirty bong water will eventually cause wear and tear on any bong device if not taken care of. What can you do now to prolong the life of your water pipes and avoid headaches in the future? Add these products to your cart quickly with these easy steps. 710 Pipes offers an extensive selection of quality water pipes. We are proud to offer the most in-demand heady glasses and smoking accessories by Denver’s finest glass artists including Nico Cray Kadabra, Gordo scientific and more.