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We have created an in depth guide so that you can understand exactly how the bong works. We have tons of amazing and unique looking bongs that will be the spot light of any water pipes and bongs collection. DHC offers a wide selection of high-quality glass water pipe bongs.

All of the materials used to make our bongs is of the highest possible quality. Don’t let the price of your bong deter you. It is inevitable for a bong to break or be damaged at some point. This is especially true when dealing with heat-safe, borosilicate glasses. If you’ve ever lost a bong you know the feeling of despair that you experience when you try to put it back together. We hope that you will never be forced to face this heartbreaking situation again.

You can now buy top water bongs thanks to the recent pushes in many US States vape pen for weed cartridge ( marijuana legalization. Take a look at the top three bong brands on the market today. There’s no better way to enjoy cannabis of high quality than with a bong. Bongs, which have been used and enjoyed by humans for thousands of years, are now more popular in the US thanks to increased legalization in many states.

Percolators can be a necessity for those who are looking for the highest quality bong hits. A percolator’s job is to provide filtration and deliver a smooth smoking experience, which is why percolator bongs are considered to be some of the smoothest water pipes around. A percolator exists to enhance bong users’ smoking experience. Mile High Glass Pipes is a leading supplier of pyrex glasses bongs. Our selection of bongs come in many different styles and sizes.

I’m not proud of it and I’m also a clumsy Libra, with butterfingers. But I think you should consider it. As the counterculture and marijuana-loving hippies grew in the 1960s the bongs evolved into the epic art pieces we know and enjoy today. Not without bumps in the road — thanks to the war on drugs. But bong makers and sellers, as well as smokers, are a creative lot. Online and off, you can find bongs more easily than ever.

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