Glass Bongs & Waterpipes Sale – Up To 30% Discount

Straight tubes or beaker base water pipe are ideal for those who prefer a more simple, traditional look. Some styles have separate parts or accessories that can be used to create a variety of designs. Water pipes with removable spouts allow you the option to swap this part for a dabbing needle or another accessory that can be used disposable vape pens with nicotine;, other substances. You should always purchase the right accessory for your water pipe joint.

HVY Glass never fails to produce some of the classiest old-school styled bongs. This classic tube’s artwork is elegantly highlighted by its 7 glass marquises, a worked base/tubing, and a carved mouth top. This HVY water pipe is constructed of 5mm American Borosilicate glasses tubing. The removable HVY 6-slit diffuser ensures enhanced diffusion, providing worthy functionality. This HVY Bong features seven beautiful marbles.

Joints are measured in diameter and will only be compatible with accessories of the same size. Standard joint sizes are 10mm. 14.5mm. and 18.8mm. Larger joint sizes will offer larger hits. If you want the biggest rips we have bongs with joints that are 29.2mm. We’ve curated an assortment of bongs available for sale, made with durable borosilicate-glass and other high quality, safe materials. A downstem is the small glass tube that extends into the water in the base of the bong.

If you’re a heavy user of bongs, an acrylic bong will not last you more than five or six months. If you use acrylic bongs only occasionally, you could get up to a few years out of it. The glass water bong designs that we offer are endless. Only the artist’s imagination limits them.