Glass Bongs Are Also Known As Glass Water Pipes And Bongs

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Percolators increase diffusion and help to remove unwanted toxins and other materials from your bud that can potentially be harmful upon inhalation. Percolators are not only a great way to make temp for smoking weed vaporizer ( more enjoyable, but they also cool the smoke down before it reaches your lungs. No matter which percolator is in your waterpipe, they are all visually pleasing. Our custom glass pipes, dab rigs and bongs are unlike anything else you’ve seen. Browse our collection of bling bowls, vape pens and accessories if you love everything that sparkles and shines. Our crystal bongs bring a unique smoking experience.

You won’t lose your lighter anymore with its built-in lighter holder. Simply place your lighter in the bowl when you are finished lighting it. Includes a downstem 18/14 with an open end to produce the classic chug.

Straight tube water bongs have a lot of appeal, as they’re simple and straightforward (no offense intended) since there are no small crevices in the water chamber created by the percolators. Since the beginning of time, savvy smokes have been using water pipes. Glass bongs filter and cool, dry herbs or tobacco to provide a kinder, gentler smoking experience, often with internal percolators to create an even smoother smoke.

Some of the harmful chemicals can be filtered naturally by bongs. It is important to buy high-quality weeds that have not been treated with pesticides. So glass pipes are a “safer” way to smoke weed or other herbs. But, not as safe as other consumption methods, such as vaping or edibles. With intricate details and psychedelic patterns, you’ll be the envy among your friends.

Their product range is sure to satisfy all your needs. Our bongs feature only premium borosilicate and are handcrafted by artisans who pay close attention to the details. StayLit Design’s products are created with design-forward dedication to ensure you get the smoking experiences you deserve. Our 16-inch floral bong is handblown in sunny Los Angeles, California. This pressed-flower water pipe is 16 inches tall, and comes with a pink chandelier percolator and a three inch ice catcher.

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