Glass Bongs, Water Pipes And Other Glass Products

Multi-chamber Bongs are also very popular. They have multiple chambers and allow for more smoking. More filtration. When choosing a bong, the next thing to think about is its shape. If you’re a clean freak or just want to maintain your bong a bit easier, then you’ll be interested in ashchatchers and how they perform. An ashcatcher works as a line-of-defense between your downstem and bowl by catching ash in an ash chamber filled with either water or sometimes even dry air before it is sent through the main filtration. Browse our selection of ashcatchers to upgrade your bong and enjoy a smoother smoking experience.

If you choose the 29.22mm joint size, expect to be hit by very powerful and large strikes. Looking for a complex bong that looks like it came out of a laboratory? We have a wide variety of advanced bongs that will provide you with the best smoking experience. We are proud to offer the best customer service in the industry. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

Our testers used the bongs every day for weeks and even months. (and in some cases, even for years). Glass bongs are a popular smoking tool for cannabis stoners because of their filtration system, ease of use and discretion. We at Thick Ass glass are huge Halloween fans. We enjoy gathering around the water pipe when the leaves begin to change and watching a horror film for a spooky smoke session.

Allow the pieces to air dry before putting them back together for use. If there are too many hard-to-reach places on your bong, investing in a pipe cleaner or medical marijuana vaporizer pens ( marijuana vaporizer pens ( special cleaning solution product You can be sure that your new favorite piece will not disappoint you. Check out the heady glass we offer – we collect one of a sort artisan pieces of glass from glassblowers around the country. Any user can find a well-crafted pipe that reflects their personality and style, rather than adding functionality.

A bong is typically not considered to be the Bubbler water pipe. They provide water diffusion for filtration. A scientific bong will usually be more than just a regular beaker.