Glass Pipes, Bongs & Custom Heady Pieces

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There are a few websites where you may be able to buy bongs. These sites provide a range of different styles and types of bongs, all at prices that suit your budget. Some are small and compact enough to be used

Once you purchase a bong, you may want to customize it to your liking. Visit our smoking accessories section to see what you could add to your bong. Water is the key constituent for filtering the smoke, therefore it’s not wise to smoke a dry bong. Smoke inhaled without water is coarse and unfiltered, and can be harsh on the lungs and throat. This will really depend on the size and shape of your bong – there isn’t a set or standard amount of water to fill your bong.

These are prettiest bongs in our shop with lots of girly and eccentric colors. Even though we label them “girly”, they can be enjoyed by anyone. This gorgeous bong by Trident Glass is guaranteed to be the center of attention during your sessions with friends. This tube was made locally in Eugene Oregon USA. It is composed of thick 5mm American Borosilicate tube.

A bong’s bowl is usually located at the bottom. Each time you light it, you must inhale slightly to kickstart the filtration. The bowl is located on a hookah or shisha. On the best table top vaporizers for marijuana ( of every hookah device, the flame must be lit to keep the process moving. No smoke will result if you do not place a hot coal on your shisha. Bong size – The size of a water pipe only matters when it comes to the user, because it truly depends on how and where the bong will be put to use.

We have many big bongs available at the top online headshops for bongs. The shape of a bong can also influence the type of smoking experience you prefer. Straight tube bongs They are a tried-and-true classic water pipe design. They are simple and have a downstem perc that is usually fixed or removable.