Mini Bongs And Baby Bongs Are Available For Sale

Glass bongs are among the most popular types water pipes, and for good reasons. Glass bongs are durable, resistant to high temperatures, and easy to clean. Glass is not porous, so will not absorb any odors and flavors that would change the taste of your marijuana.

Dome prices is one of the simplest percolator designs that you will see on water pipes. The final product is not very expensive and the process is easy. Tree percs often have an inner-perc with arms or trees coming off.

They’re a great way to smoke marijuana of different strains. Silicone water pipes have grown in popularity for their unbreakable characteristic and easy of use. All of these glass bongs have been made with borosilicate high quality glass, but sometimes a thicker and more durable bong is what you need.

To get the most from your bong experience, you need to know how to set it up properly and khan dry herb vaporizer nz how to hit it like a pro. Filling up the chamber is the first thing you’ll need to do for your customers when they use a bong personally. This is necessary for the filtration process. We are proud to have built a legacy of supporting people to live their life as they wish — without fear. There’s a reason why BIO Glass bongs have withstood the test of time.

If this is you, then this fall, immerse yourself in the Halloween spirit with a waterpipe that perfectly matches your favourite scary movie. Do you see an open area on the downstem of your bong at the top? It’s very important that your bowl stays firmly in your bong but can slide in and out easily to produce the strongest hits. Silicone bongs have also gained a lot of popularity due to their durability and design. As the manufacturer for all the cool, unique bongs shown here, we are able to keep our prices lower than most bong manufacturers.