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Straight tube bongs describe scientific water pipes, dab rigs and dab rigs which have a straight pipe design. The straight design from top to bottom is what makes them unique. In most cases, straight tube bongs possess a percolation diffused in the downstem. While a bong looks similar to a hookah or shisha in some ways, it is not the same thing. Both bongs and shisha devices use good ole H20 to create massive clouds of filtered smoke, but they do not operate the same.

Bento Bong comes in a BPA-free Tritan TX1001 Plastic, which gives it the same durability and strength as a silicone Bong, but with an elegant, modular, packable design. Not many bongs are this price come with a dishwasher-safe percolator or can be disassembled in seconds. Bento Bong might not be for everyone, but it’s a great option if you want to get into bongs. Glass bongs are most popular on the market because they offer the cleanest and purest of tastes. Bongs that are made from borosilicate glasses contain borontrioxide, a material with a very low coefficient of thermal contraction.

The cheapest bong will not do. Bongs that fall within this price range will be made from good material (usually boroscialte) and offer quality percoaltors as well as function. There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the terminology used for water pipes, dry pipes, glass bongs, water bongs, and other terms. We have compiled a list of all the terms and their meanings for a pipe. Daily High Club is here to help with all your bong and pipe needs. The size of the bubblers makes them easy to carry around.

These types of bongs are harder to come by, but if they’re within your budget range, it is likely that you will be able to keep them forever. Be prepared for the maintenance that these products require. Shop Rite has been providing buyers with the best local pipes, vaporizers, bongs, and a myriad of other cannabis accessories in Canada for years.

Our highly-functional BIO Glass pipes are designed for those who want to elevate their smoke breaks. Fill the bong up with enough water that the downstem is fully submerged. Too much and you will get splashed when smoking, but not enough results in a harsher hit. Grab a cigarette lighter and grab a comfortable seat on the couch. Grab the bong firmly with your dominant and non-dominant hands, while holding the lighter with the non-dominant. Light the bowl, and place your lips in the mouthpiece. You’re not drinking water or trying to eat a bong.

Some water pipes feature an ice pinch in their tube design to provide an additional layer of cooling. The pinch holds the ice inside the tube of the pipe, so that you get the best cooling before inhalation. Some people prefer to inhale warm vapor, but if you like cool vapor, an ice pinch is a must-have pipe feature. Water pipes specifically designed vaporizer for pot smoking (https://locoads.ro/user/profile/82858) use in conjunction with dabs