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Glass water bongs are great because they are easier to clean, they look nice, and they give you smooth air-tight rips. Bongs and Water Pipes are ideal for cannabis consumption. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and designs. We have a huge selection of glass bongs as well as water filters and bubblers. All items are available with free shipping if you spend more than $89 plus discreet shipping.

I never cared about where they were made, and I certainly did not think about the people who made them. The best selections of accessories for smoking that we ship discreetly, quickly and professionally. Zob Glass knows how to charge my weed vape pen battery ( to make a bubbler that has no comparison. With a range of percs available in a small size and a variety to choose from, your search ends here.

You can consume weed discreetly, easily and without mess without a lighter. Visit our online headshop to get a great deal. We offer a wide range of the best smoking accessories available in Canada. Verdent 12 inch acrylic water pipe with ice spikes. Order Now before it disappears from the shelf. Note: Each bong includes a set of metal spikes. The glass thickness of 5mm is enough to make this bong durable. This bong is durable because the glass is 3mm thick.

Here’s a quick FAQ on all bongs, in true stoner fashion. Cleaning your bong can be easy, even though it may seem intimidating. There are many options available, from 99% Isopropyl alcohol and Medium Granule Salt Rocks, to non-toxic, specially formulated glass cleaners like Resolution and Kryptonite Cleaner. DankStops offer dozens of options such as cleaning caps and plugs. Popular joint sizes include 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm, and all are in both male and female varieties. You want to insert the downstem into the bong joint and the bowl into the downstem joint.