Online Headshop: Dab Rigs, Bongs And Hand Pipes

Even though some machine work is required, such as joining two tubes together, everything must be made by hand. There is no automated machine that can create bongs. The bongs are all unique because of the slight variations between each one.

The 10″ inch tall pieces have a fumed top with subtle stripes on the base. Included is a thick, high quality matching 14mm male bowl piece and a removable downstem. Showcasing a large cluster of blue abstract marbles and a beautifully worked top, this gnarly limited edition bong was made for true American glass enthusiasts. It was handblown from thick American-made borosilicate. This ensures high quality materials and craftsmanship.

Dab rigs can be used with concentrates and dab waxes, whereas bongs can be used to burn dry herbs. Dab rigs may also include a quartz or banger nail, and a vapor dome that vaporizes your concentrated material. Bongs use combustion to ignite your herbs and burn them in a bowl of glass. Perc bongs are beautiful and would look great on any table. But their real beauty lies in the function. Percolators (or “percs”) feature many tubes or holes that enhance filtration. When water, bubbles & smoke pass through the system, smoke will be diffused with an unbelievable amount of effectiveness, giving you super smooth, clean bong hits. You should also consider the size and shape of the joint that connects a bong to its various accessories, pipes and pipes.

It is covered with light purple accents. Real dried flowers are dab pens better than vape pens blown on to the glass. There is no better way to light your flower than a dab-rig that is literally covered with flowers. With the remote control, you can create your desired lighting. As functional as it is fun, this LED bong is designed to bring illumination to your smoking pleasure.

A base with a gnarly silver fumed base creates a fantastic blue-toned colour changing effect. Matching Accents. Also featuring a matched blue worked top as well as a matched 14mm ground bowl slide. Hand-Blown Arts – It features a beautiful cluster with hand-blown white Amanitamuscaria spots on deep blue mushrooms. OG function – An open-ended classic downstem produces a chug-like effect. Showcases a cluster of large handblown glass marbles with blue/black artwork. Beautiful Yale-Blue base topped with an off-white striped design.