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You can enjoy richer, richer smoke with no harsh burns and coughing. Our range of glass bongs allows you to personalize your smoking experience. We even have our own product available! We know you care about your health and want a bong or waterpipe that will remove harmful toxins in your smoking herbs.

If you thought the mini cyberpunk bong was sick, well, you’re going to have a field day after reviewing the specs and photos of the Cyberpunk XL r… Visit our Learning Center to find out more about all the smoking devices we offer at DankStop. Our CBD products cannot be used by or sold to persons under 18 years of age. All CBD products contain less THC than 0.3%, according to the Controlled Substances Act. These products are only to be used in accordance with the instructions on their labels.

The following section will provide you with some useful tips on how to choose the right smoking filter. We have the perfect bong or dabrig for you if you’re looking for something that matches your personality. Find the perfect water pipe in our collection. The pieces we have designed are not’regular.’ They operate just like regular bongs.

Ice is used to cool bong hits. It makes the smoke smoother and cooler. You won’t achieve the best results if you put an icecube into the bong with no ice pinch. An Ice pinch helps “pinch” the ice right in the tube so the smoke must travel through the ice first and then the bubbled water, giving you a very smooth hit without any harshness. Placing an ice cube into your bong without an ice pinch you essentially are missing out on that double cooling process because the ice generally falls right into the bottom of the bong water. The smoke can cool down more quickly in heavy bongs. As the name suggests, they are heavy and sturdy.

Acrylic bongs have a simpler design than glass bongs because they do not usually feature percolators or fancy diffusers. They’re also very lightweight and volcano vaporizer easy valve replacement set to clean and come in a wide range of vibrant colours. Acrylic plastic is durable and makes acrylic bongs a good choice for those looking for something a little less fragile than a glass bong. We recommend an Acrylic bong if your are not too concerned about having a fancy item and you are perhaps clumsy. Acrylics make it easy to smoke. Simply light up the bowl, hold on to the carb hole as you draw the smoke and release the carbhole once you are ready to exhale.