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If I price my house correctly, I usually get an offer about three weeks after listing it. If I price the home too high, and I don’t get an offer within a month, I will lower it. This timeframe applies to houses in my Colorado area, which is currently a very hot housing market. In slower markets, it can take a lot longer to find a purchaser. The total process to sell a home for the most money takes at least two months if everything goes perfect and sometimes much longer. HomeGo may use an affiliated realty brokerage to facilitate home purchases.

If you have a large area that needs extensive cleaning, maintenance or repairs… No problem! Our home buyers will purchase any property in any condition. If your home needs major repairs like cosmetic or worse, we can often make a fair cash offer to help you sell off your house super fast. You will not have to worry about making repairs. When you sell property through an agent, the agents on the buying and selling sides receive 6% of your sales price. If you sell a house for 200,000, that’s 12,000 in commissions that are paid at closing.

We’ve helped hundreds men and women in Denver eliminate the stress associated with selling their home. The best time of the year to buy property depends on your priorities. The summer is a good time to look for a new house if your goal is to get the best deal or have the largest selection. If getting the best mortgage deal is more important to you, it may be worth arranging the mortgage in December, and then finding the property at the start of the year. Your personal circumstances will often be the most significant factor in deciding when you should buy or sell your house. Moving home is an important decision. So, you should be sure that it is the right moment for you to move.

Request a cash offer for your home at the click of a button. Working with cash buyers means you can skip right to closing. At House Buyer Network(tm) we are dedicated cash home buyers who are focused on offering homeowners speedy solutions to their real estate problems. we buy houses ( in Colorado from people facing difficult situations. Some situations will force us to take life-changing actions, like selling our home.