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New brands are constantly emerging with unique flavors and proprietary delivery methods. Greenhut is committed where to buy thc vape;, staying on top of the latest trends in the smoking market and providing Kiwis with the best products and brands. Greenhut was created out of a passion and love for the herbal industry. Each product is put through a rigorous testing process to ensure that it is functional, usable for a long time, and of high quality. Greenhut is proud to work with leading brands in the industry.

Our goals are for Australia to receive the best service and the newest product, from glass bongs to herb grinders and vaporizers. We also offer rolling papers, accessories and rolling paper. We only offer genuine products, discreet packaging and quick order dispatch. The herb of choice is inserted into the herb bowl before being ignited. As this is happening the smoker inhales steadily drawing smoke through the water and into the chamber.

Add just a little water to the bong, so that it is slightly submerged. You can test the function of the device by removing the bowl from the holder and inhaling the air. If you see bubbles and the air flow feels good then proceed to smoke. If you find that your boat is too heavy, reduce the water. Add water if bubbles don’t appear.

Included is an HVY Glass 6-slit diffusion and a 14mm thick glass slide. Bongs can be shared by multiple people, as they allow them to take hits at the same time. Bongs work well for parties as they offer a fun, social way to consume the flower. Bongs can also be used for travel, as they’re easy to transport and can go anywhere. “… Session Goods designer bongs are clearly designed and manufactured by people who take toking very seriously.”