Top 5 Bongs Brands For Smoking Marijuana In 2023 – Partner Content

Bongs made from borosilicate glass contain boron trioxide, which has a very low coefficient for thermal expansion. This means it is incredibly strong and won’t shatter under extreme temperature fluctuations like regular glass. You can purchase them in different bright colors and come with straight or bubble bottom body designs. Silicone bongs can be found in all sorts of places. They’re bendable, durable, and they can go anywhere.

Trident Glass continues to make some of the most stunning old-school glass bongs. They’ve been loyal to their roots and continue to be so. Ali Bongo has a large selection of bongs made by reputable brands.

Sit down and enjoy a hilarious version of a classic tale while your beaker-based water pipe bubbles. Now you can rinse your water pipe with warm tap water to remove all alcohol and salt. If you have built up residue, the Q-tips and pipe cleaners can be used to access and scrub areas that are difficult to reach. You may clean your bong on the first attempt. However, if it is very dirty you will have to repeat these instructions until your bong becomes spotless.

It features a deadhead theme with marbles/millies that are themed on the grateful dead. This hand-blown American borosilicate bong is composed 4mm thick American glass. If you like Old School bongs and are looking for the best ones made in America, then we have them! We are committed to supplying only American-blown, glass bongs. From Trident Glass to HVY Glass, we ensure to provide only the best quality old school style bongs on our website.

There are many reasons to smoke with a bong. Let’s look at bongs, their workings, and how you choose the best handheld weed vaporizer ( bong according to your smoking preferences and needs. Our bong cleaner bundle is the best way to clean and maintain your bong. This way you can effectively clean your bong using a reusable effective cleaning gel. This gel is multi-purpose, so it’s a great value.

Visit our smoking accessories page to see what you can add to your bong piece. Cleaning your bong may seem daunting, but it is actually very simple. The most popular options include 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and Medium Granule Salt Rocks as well as non-toxic, custom formulated glass cleaning products such Kryptonite and Resolution.