Water Pipes & Bongs Canada

The designs of industry leaders such as Dr. Whitestone or Tito Bern, whether they’re made of clear glass and colored glass, will make your glassware a conversation starter every time you display it. The downstem is a vital component of the bong. This part receives the water bowl and extends to the bottom for filtration. Removable downstems usually are diffused, meaning they feature little holes to create smaller air bubbles when filtering your smoke. A bong with a non-removable downstem is likely to include a percolator, also referred to as a “perc” which often have more slits than a standard diffused downstem. Both styles allow a greater surface area of smoke to contact water, which creates a smoother experience compared to a downstem with no diffusion.

Our bongs are more durable than ever before, as we rarely hear customers complain of cracks. This also means your Fat Buddha Glass will be an investment that will last a lifetime. Glass water bongs in shops have a tendency to collect dust over the years. Our online shop has a huge selection of bongs & water pipes. StayLit Design offers functional glass pieces that are also stunning works of artwork.

Silicone bongs has become increasingly popular in the past few years. They’re cheap, best desktop vaporizer 2022 (storage.googleapis.com) virtually indestructible, and available in an almost endless array of amazing looking designs. They are dishwasher-safe and can be thrown into a backpack with no worries. If you compare the smoke from a joint and a blunt, you will find that a bong gives you a much better smoking experience. But the recycling bong actually absorbs the smoke and filters it with water multiple times through the same chamber and percolator, and then finally transfers it to you.

Their signature round-bubble bases deliver a sturdy base that is unique. These Vintage bongs feature a variety in sizes, styles and vibrant design. Back when American glassblowers created amazing glass art aimed to have smokers in awe while high. Trident Glass is one of the many talented glass artists who continue to create some of our most impressive old-school bongs. They have been sticking to their roots for many, many years. Percolator bongs can be found in many shops. They are popular because of the percolator, which filters and cools the smoke.