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Silicone bongs have also become popular because they are unbreakable as well as easy to maintain. Metal bongs can also be found, but are not as popular. Let’s face it: the cannabis industry is highly competitive, and best dry herbal vaporizer (s3.amazonaws.com) consumers are looking for unique products that offer a superior smoking sensation. Other smoking methods may interfere with aroma and flavor.


There are a variety of options to choose from when you’re looking to buy bongs. Some of these options include online head shops, online retailers specializing in smoking accessories, and online classifieds websites. The legality and laws of your area will determine whether bongs are for sale. You should be aware that water pipes and bongs are considered drug paraphernalia by federal law.

The Rock Glass HoneyComb To Frit Perc Straight Tube 20” is the perfect addition to any smoking setup. The Rock Glass Double Honeycomb 20” Straight Tube Bong – the ultimate smoking buddy for the chill smoke. Gas Mask bong with adjustable headband to fit comfortably most sizes of heads The right to own a bong shouldn’t be a luxury, but rather a privilege. EF420 strives to provide at minimum one bong to each bong-user in the world.

All the while, our north star is efficient percolation. All of our glass bongs, water pipes, dab-rigs, and other pieces have been carefully handcrafted for you to get amazing hits that will last a long time. We have quality pieces starting at just $23.99.

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