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These bongs don’t necessarily mean they are cheap. They are just more simple in design. The marbles add weight to the base, which is 6″ wide. This provides extra stability. Thus, reducing the chances of the tube tipping over easily. This Grateful Dead inspired bong, made by Trident Glass, is a wonderful piece of functional artwork.

Water pipes can be found in a wide range of materials, sizes and prices. It is easy to find the right piece for any taste. The digital revolution has changed the way people shop for pipes and other smoking accessories. E-commerce has created a whole new world of access. Users can shop in the privacy and discretion of their home, and spend as much or as little time as they like looking at products. Biohazard can make a big difference. cannabis oil vape cartridge ( enthusiasts love our top-of-the-line waterpipes and smoking devices for their durability, creativity, and ease-of-use.

Bongs can vary in size and have various distinctive functions and features. The glass bong design and waterpipe design are increasingly advanced and are viewed now as art forms. You can get almost anything you want by using colors and patterns. We won’t risk your health to make a few pennies on substandard products. This is why we use glass pipes, which have been proven to be the best smoking material out there. This artist and activist makes bongs out of premium, ultra-clear borosilicate glasses.

BongsMart offers Weedo Bongs made of extra thick Pyrex and the highest-quality materials. They are an excellent way to cool your pipes down without adding additional water. It can provide a better smoking environment and allow smaller pipes cool more effectively. Silicone bongs have the same shape as glass bongs, but they are more durable. These two features make a bong made of silicone desirable to both bong enthusiasts and beginners. Some glass purists may claim that a silicone bong has a different taste or is heretical.

I’m sure that you have seen the viral video we made where we hammered into a wooden piece with a thick glass bong. Thick bongs weigh more, so there’s less chance they will tip over. And if they are tipped over, the chances of them breaking are better. Beaker bongs come in a classic, tried and true design that will always work perfectly. They are very easy to clean and allow you to add a lot of water for a good chug when you smoke them. A beaker shaped bong would be perfect for someone who likes to chug their smoke. Our prices as the world’s top online headshop are the cheapest that you can find. But cheap does not equal low quality.

Straight tube bongs typically consist of an upright pipe with a spout and downstem. Some also feature a small flared outer rim that provides extra stability. We stock a huge selection of classic bongs, unique bongs, percolator bongs and much more, so it’s essential to understand how your new bong is going to fit into your lifestyle. We’ve compiled our tips for buying a bong or percolator, as well our FAQ list, to make the process of choosing your new bong easy and simple. A percolator, also known as a perc, is designed to diffuse hot vapor through the water in the bong chamber to deliver smoother, cooler and less harsh hits. There are dozens different types of percussion instruments, each with its own advantages. A perc is a device that diffuses smoke by exposing smoke to as many surfaces as possible. Water will then cool the smoke before inhalation.